Textile Factory Portugal – ASBX Store

Textile Factory Portugal – ASBX Store

Focus on Small Quantities! Textile Factory Portugal

ASBX is one of portugals best clothing Manufacturers. We commit to using the highest technologies to ensure the best results for our clients when developing their items.

Besides our high quality products, ASBX also has a unique market position, by being the only factory in Portugal with big focus to small quantities. We make possible that brands in the first stages have acess to very premium materials and exlcusive quantities that before were only possible to major labels. 

In addition to this ASBX is one of the most sustainable manufacturers in Portugal. By using organic materials and promoting the use of our sustainable products we have by far the best offer for brands that need an eco friendly product with reduced moqs. 

How can we help? Clothing Manufacturers Focused on Small quantities. 

ASBX Store is one of the most innovative clothing manufacturers in Portugal. With a top-of-the-line factory in Barcelos we have the most competitive offer for premium streetwear. Offering clients a luxury product, which is sustainably made and has very low MOQS, making possible for startup brands to produce without overstock. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help! Textile Factory Portugal ASBX Store!

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