FAQs and disclaimers

Honesty of Files Disclaimer

ASBX assumes that all clients submit the files correctly, filling correctly the number of pritns and patterns

Envolved. We also inform that each custom sample order with be manually analysed by our team to check

If there is any incosistency on the amount billed. In case the the order was wrongfully placed our CS team

Will contact to rectify this.

Timeline Disclaimer

We inform the timeline of 3 weeks for custom samples, is approximate and can suffer adjustments. ASBX is not resposnbible for any

Losses or damages causes from timelines delays. All our dates are only indicative and we hold no liability from

Delays. We do not on any situation recommend any client to book any shooting without the samples in hand.

As custom sample schedule is highly inpredictable.

Quality of Files

Please make sure all files you submit to our site are in high quality and workable format to ensure the highest productivity and order flow. In case we have trouble working with the submitted files our team will contact you. 

How can I buy wholesale or Make Bulk Orders

For Custom Bulks orders you can contact us at our direct sales line on WhatsApp.
Our sales team can quickly provide all info you need to make bulk orders and firstly get some samples. For blanks you can order for bulk online at the B2B store.

Whats the Shipping time on this Samples?

Stock Samples are generally in stock and take 1/2 days shipping time within the EU and certain US Locations. We only use DHL Express which is an extremely fast and reliable carrier. On locations outside the mentioned above can take longer time but is always fully trackable. Please Understand Custom Samples have the production time of 3 weeks to get produced. After the item is done shipping is by Dhl express so is the same for stock samples after dispatch. 

Will I pay duties on orders from the sample store?

In general, samples are exempted from taxes in most countries. However bulk shipments may be subject to import fees and VAT in countries outside the E.U. All import costs are the importers responsibility and we advise looking for professional advise in your country of import.

When can I expect my order to ship?

All Stock sample store items will be shipped right away after we receive payment. You will receive an automatic text by DHL with the tracking code so it can be followed up. However if you see an issue with tracking or packing, contact us urgently so we can check. For custom samples a 3 week production time applies. 

Is it possible to make a custom sample from my tech pack?

Yes, now ASBX offers the sale and manufacturing of a custom sample from your tech-pack. Please head to custom samples page on this site to order. For any questions please enquiry our team. 

Can ASBX Make custom orders following my designs?

Yes of course! We are a manufacturer so can produce your own custom designs. In case you have a product within our specialty you would like to inquire about, you can send us a mail or WhatsApp asking more info. You can also select items from our own trend based samples and personalize and add prints and applications.

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