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Trough this Article discover the Unique Advantages of working with ASBX – the Best Clothing Manufacturers in Portugal for Small Quantities

ASBX Clothing Manufacturing Portugal: A Beacon of Excellence for Small Quantities

In the verdant landscape of Portugal’s textile and clothing industry, there exists a gem that has carved out a distinct niche for itself – ASBX Clothing Manufacturing. Nestled amidst a country renowned for its textile prowess, ASBX distinguishes itself by specializing in small quantity production, offering a haven of precision, quality, and personalized service to brands, designers, and businesses.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Every garment crafted at ASBX is a testament to a harmonious blend of traditional artistry and modern innovation. The company embraces the rich tapestry of Portuguese textile craftsmanship, intertwining it with cutting-edge technology to create pieces that are not only garments but narratives of excellence. The meticulous attention to detail ensures that even in small quantities, every stitch, cut, and seam echoes the highest standards of quality.

Customized Production

ASBX’s approach to small quantity production is deeply rooted in customization. Recognizing the unique needs of each client, the company adopts a bespoke production approach. Each design is brought to life with an unwavering commitment to reflecting the client’s vision, aesthetic, and quality expectations. This personalized touch extends beyond the manufacturing process to include comprehensive consultations, material sourcing, and post-production services.

Agile and Responsive

In the dynamic world of fashion and apparel, speed and agility are of the essence. ASBX has honed its operational processes to be highly responsive, ensuring that small quantity orders are executed with efficiency and speed. The infrastructure is optimized to facilitate seamless transitions from design to production, ensuring clients benefit from swift market entry without compromising on quality.

Sustainable Practices

In an era where sustainability is not a choice but a necessity, ASBX leads by example. Every phase of the production process, from material selection to manufacturing practices, is guided by a commitment to environmental responsibility. By focusing on eco-friendly materials and sustainable processes, ASBX ensures that each piece is not just a garment but a contribution to a greener planet.

Technology Integration

The integration of technology is a cornerstone of ASBX’s operational excellence. By harnessing advancements in automation, artificial intelligence, and digitalization, the company ensures precision, consistency, and efficiency in every small batch produced. This technological edge empowers ASBX to offer unparalleled quality, even for customized, small-scale orders.

Collaborative Partnerships

ASBX transcends the conventional client-manufacturer relationship, positioning itself as a collaborative partner. Every project is a journey of mutual engagement, where ASBX’s expertise becomes an extension of the client’s vision. The holistic service offering, from design consultation to production and quality assurance, reflects a commitment to collaborative success.

100% Focus to Small Quantity Manufacturing.

ASBX is the only Startup Focused Clothing Manufacturer in Europe!

In Portugal and generally on each textile industry, most clothing manufacturers are normally focused on high volume orders. With endless quantities required to manufacturer a product. This requirements are simply no longer workable in todays age and make a huge stain on our worlds carbon emissions. By asking brands a bigger quantity than their actual demand.

At ASBX we believe such productions are a thing of the past. In the age  decentralisation. We see that everyday independent brands are the ones that need help and focus more than ever. 

Within the next few years we are fully convinced startups can take over the product marke. That is why asbx is continuously investing in newer technologies. Sustainability materials to create a product and service offering specially suited for this audience. 

Industry Lowest Moqs for fully custom product!

Thats why our MOQS are by far the lowest in Portugal for a fully custom sustainable product. With just 100 pcs per colour a brand can launch a create streetwear product for their market! No huge Moqs or mandatory pre made fits ! 

For Bulk we provide customised solutions within our scope of products!

Besides high quality fabrics and excellent patterns we also offer brands the highest definition. Applications such as prints and embroideries which in the past were only available to the huge brands.

Small Quantities are the Future of the Industry!

We at ASBX Understood early on, the game of production changed substantially from old industry paradigm of large quantities. With the boom of the e-commerce and DTC brands, making clothes in smaller, less riskier batches became an extreme market necessity. By understanding this new market need, we built an infrastructure for producing all steps of manufacturing, ensuring still good lead times & insane quality for never seen before small quantities.

How Can we help out? 

ASBX, as a Sustainable clothing manufacturer in Portugal with Low MOQs offers clients the most sustainable fashion products in Europe, made in a high-tech factory in Barcelos Portugal, being the ultimate supplier for conscious brands who care about ethical production. 

We are currently Portugals #1 clothing manufacturer for supplying medium / high quality startups. We work with over 3000 brands and SME’s in 55 countries worldwide. 

If you wold like to start a fashion brand or manufacturer.

Why is ASBX the Top Manufacturer in Portugal For Small Quantities ? Who Produces in Portugal with LOW MOQ ?

ASBX: Leading the Streetwear Manufacturing Scene in Portugal
ASBX stands as the unrivaled streetwear manufacturing powerhouse in Portugal. Here, we’ve distilled the top 10 reasons that underline why ASBX is the ultimate choice for brands seeking excellence in streetwear manufacturing.


  1. Exceptional Luxurious Fabrics: ASBX specializes in sourcing and working with opulent, high-end fabrics, giving every streetwear piece an unmistakable touch of luxury.
  2. Swift and Responsive Customer Support: ASBX boasts a customer support team that responds with lightning speed, ensuring that brands have immediate access to assistance, guidance, and solutions.
  3. Textile Expertise: Their extensive knowledge of textiles equips ASBX to provide invaluable insights into fabric selection, elevating the overall quality of streetwear collections.
  4. Fabric Customization: ASBX makes fabric customization a breeze, enabling brands to tailor materials to their precise design requirements effortlessly.
  5. Comprehensive Fabric Testing: Rigorous fabric testing before production ensures that selected materials meet the highest quality standards.
  6. Efficient Sample Turnaround: ASBX guarantees swift sample production, expediting the evaluation and refinement of designs.
  7. Accessible Online Fabric Catalog: An easily navigable online fabric catalog simplifies the process of browsing and selecting materials for brands.
  8. Sustainability Consultation: ASBX offers sustainability consultation services, helping brands select eco-friendly fabrics for their collections.
  9. Collaborative Design Workshops: Hosting collaborative design workshops with brands ensures the optimal utilization of luxurious fabrics and encourages creative synergy.
  10. Textile Transparency: ASBX maintains complete transparency regarding the origins and characteristics of their fabrics, engendering trust and confidence in their materials.

In Conclusion – ASBX is the Only Way to Make Small Quantities in Portugal-

ASBX Clothing Manufacturing Portugal stands as an epitome of excellence in the realm of small quantity production. With a tapestry woven from threads of traditional craftsmanship, modern technology, personalized service, and sustainability, ASBX is more than a manufacturing entity – it is a partner in creation. In the intricate dance of threads and needles, concepts and realities, ASBX crafts not just garments but legacies of quality, echoing the profound narrative of Portuguese textile excellence on the global stage.

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