Screen Printing vs. Digital Printing: 3 strong aspects when choosing the best clothing printing method!

Sustainable Clothing Factory Portugal

Sustainable Clothing Factory Portugal

Are you looking for the best printing method to make your custom apparel?
If so, you’ve probably heard of screen printing and digital printing.
But which method is suitable for you? This blog post will compare the two printing methods and discuss the three vital aspects of choosing the best way for your custom clothing.
We’ll look at the quality of the prints, the turnaround time, and the cost.

What factors do you consider? Sustainable Clothing Factory Portugal

When producing clothing, it’s essential to consider all factors that may impact the process. Two of the most common printing methods in the clothing industry are screen printing and digital printing.

The most important factors to consider are:

●    Quality

Manufacturers must consider both the quality and cost of the fabrics they select and the available resources in terms of production equipment and delivery times. With careful consideration, Portuguese manufacturers can ensure the materials they choose will meet their customers’ needs and expectations.

●    Quantity

When it comes to the number of printed pieces, digital printing takes the lead. This printing method can quickly produce higher quantities and is ideal for large production runs. On the other hand, screen printing may take longer to print large amounts, making digital printing a more time-efficient option.

●    Speed

Screen printing is the clear winner when it comes to speed. This process requires minimal setup and can produce multiple prints in a short amount of time. Digital printing, on the other hand, takes more time as the design must be carefully loaded into a computer system before printing can begin.

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