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Portugal is by far the best country to manufacture clothing for small brands. this is the reasons why you should Produce Clothing in Portugal.

Most of our local factories are devoted to organic materials and a sustainable and eco-friendly way of producing clothes. Portugal has also an extremely well trained and motivated labour force. Thankfully to a mixture of skilled team members, as well as several Government funded investment programs, Portugal’s factories have established themselves as the most competitive within the E.U.

Our country is the perfect destination for clothing brands like yours, to launch their items and grow their business. 

The Most Sustainable Clothing Manufacturing hub in the world.

There is a common misconception that textile industries are always polluting, with low paid and explored workers. While unfortunately that might still be true in the Far East, the paradigm in Portugal is quite the opposite. Our factories are extremely modern and recently modernise and count with well paid and skilful workers, the reason why the quality of our items is so high.

How can we help? Clothing Manufacturers Focused on Small quantities. 

ASBX Store is one of the most innovative clothing manufacturers in Portugal. With a top-of-the-line factory in Barcelos we have the most competitive offer for premium streetwear. Offering clients a luxury product. which is sustainably made and has very low MOQS, making possible for startup brands to produce without overstock.

Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help! We will help you Produce Clothing in Portugal.

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