8 Best Clothing Manufacturers in Portugal in 2023 

Best Clothing Manufacturers Portugal

Unveiling the Best Clothing Manufacturers in Portugal


Portugal, often overlooked on the global fashion stage, has quietly cultivated a thriving textile and clothing industry. This western European nation offers high-quality craftsmanship, innovative designs, and ethical manufacturing practices, making it an attractive choice for businesses seeking reliable clothing manufacturers. This article will highlight some of the best clothing manufacturers in Portugal, renowned for their consistency, high quality standards, and commitment to sustainable practices.

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  1. Calvelex

At the forefront of Portugal’s clothing manufacturing industry is Calvelex. Secondly, Founded in 1985, Calvelex has built a reputation for creating high-quality women’s clothing, especially tailored pieces like coats and suits. Committed to ethical manufacturing, they’ve been a key player in the move towards sustainable and responsible fashion. With a solid foundation in the domestic market, Calvelex has expanded its services internationally, producing for brands in over 40 countries.

  1. Marjomotex

Marjomotex is a specialist in jersey and knitwear manufacturing. Their commitment to quality control and rigorous testing ensures the durability of their products, meeting the needs of both high street and high-end fashion brands. With a strong focus on environmental sustainability, Marjomotex uses organic materials, recycled fibers, and eco-friendly dyes.

  1. Lemar

Lemar is a vertically integrated manufacturer specializing in knitwear. Their in-house processes cover the entire garment lifecycle, from spinning and dyeing to weaving and finishing. This allows for stringent quality control and the flexibility to meet specific brand needs. Lemar is also a certified OEKO-TEX® partner, demonstrating their commitment to manufacturing without harmful substances.

All the Top Manufacturers Are very sustainable!

  1. Twintex

Twintex is a world-class manufacturer of men’s and women’s formal wear. They are known for their high ethical standards, investing in their workforce with fair wages and working conditions. Twintex is also focused on sustainability, utilizing solar energy and wastewater treatment systems in their facilities.


Operating since the 1960s, PIOVESAN offers vast experience in the manufacturing of high-quality denim. They are recognized for their innovative techniques, creating custom washes and finishes that make denim garments truly unique. Above all their commitment to sustainable practices, including water conservation and using organic cotton. Also earned them accolades in the industry.

  1. MTEX NS

MTEX NS is a technical and functional clothing manufacturer. They specialize in producing garments for the sports, workwear, and protective clothing markets. With cutting-edge technologies and a highly skilled workforce, MTEX NS can produce high-quality clothing that meets rigorous international standards for performance and safety.


Portugal’s clothing manufacturing sector has flourished over the years, establishing a strong reputation for quality, innovation, and sustainable practices. These manufacturers stand as a testament to the country’s capabilities, offering a range of services that cater to a broad spectrum of fashion brands. Therefore As more companies prioritize sustainability and ethical sourcing that leads to Portugal’s textile and clothing industry is poised to become an even more attractive option for brands around the globe.

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