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ASBX Reviews Updated. In this post we will cover the recent feedback we had on our services!

Amazing Sample Store Results! ASBX Reviews

In recent months ASBX kept investing and researching in the market the best styles for our clients. All the new colors we launched resulted in a big success and In thousands of items sold online! As a result of this we managed to achieve a 99% customer satisfaction rate and process all exports swiftly! 

Following this big success we will keep improving our sample offering by adding new fabrics and variants to create the best sample offer In Portugal of any clothing manufacturers Portugal. 

Aiming to create the best possible costumer experience! 

Althoug is very difficulf for a manufacturing business, we always strive to measure our clients experience and keep providing the best value we can! In the next few months we will keep finetuning our offering in order to help even more brands achieve their desired results.

How can we help? ASBX Store – Textile companies in Portugal

ASBX Store is one of the most innovative clothing manufacturers in Portugal. With a top-of-the-line factory in Barcelos we have the most competitive offer for premium streetwear. Offering clients a luxury product, which is sustainably made and has very low MOQS, making possible for startup brands to produce without overstock. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help! 

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