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A Tech Pack is a detailed document provided by a brand to a clothing manufacturer for production purposes. It plays a crucial role in reducing costs and minimizing risks. But what exactly does it entail?

ASBX made for you the ultimate Guide in 2024!

Understanding Tech Packs

A Tech Pack is a detailed document that outlines all the necessary design specifications required for a manufacturer to produce a garment. It serves as a comprehensive guide for suppliers, containing all the critical information needed for the production of a piece of clothing.

Components of the file:

Typically, a Tech Pack includes detailed sketches, CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawings, color schemes, size charts, reference images, labeling and packaging details, and a materials list. While some designers may add additional information to their Tech Packs, these elements are considered fundamental.

The Importance of a Tech Pack:

Having a Tech Pack is crucial when dealing with clothing manufacturers. It ensures clarity and precision in your production specifications, acting much like a contractual agreement. A well-prepared file outlines the exact requirements for your product, serving as a reference point for both parties and facilitating easier resolution of any issues that may arise.

Creating the file!

Creating a Tech Pack is about establishing clear and comprehensive communication with your clothing supplier to avoid misunderstandings. The specific contents of a Tech Pack can vary depending on the project, but it will always include the essential information outlined above to guide the manufacturing process.

Creating a FAQ about tech packs involves addressing common questions related to the purpose, creation, and use of tech packs in the fashion and apparel industry. Here’s a comprehensive FAQ that covers essential aspects of tech packs:

Read our FAQ about tech packs! Very important for new brands!

Q: What is a tech pack?
A: A TP, short for technical packet, is a comprehensive document used by fashion designers and apparel manufacturers. It contains all the technical details and instructions needed to produce a garment, including measurements, materials, colors, hardware, and construction details.

Importance of Tech Packs

Q: Why are tech packs important?
A: Tech packs serve as a blueprint for manufacturing a garment. They ensure that the designer’s vision is accurately communicated to the manufacturer, minimizing errors, reducing miscommunication, and saving time and money by preventing costly mistakes.

Components of a Tech Pack

Q: What are the key components of a tech pack?
A: A typical tech pack includes the cover page, flat sketches, bill of materials (BOM), size chart, grading specifications, construction details, colorways, and packaging instructions. Some tech packs may also include fabric swatches and print or embroidery files.

Creating a Tech Pack

Q: How do you create a tech pack?
A: Creating a tech pack involves several steps:

  1. Prepare detailed flat sketches of the garment from multiple angles.
  2. List all materials needed (fabric, trims, labels, etc.) in the Bill of Materials (BOM).
  3. Provide a comprehensive size chart and grading specifications.
  4. Include detailed construction notes and any special instructions.
  5. Specify colorways, print/pattern placement, and hardware details.
  6. Collaborate with a technical designer if necessary, especially for complex garments.

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Software for Tech Packs

Q: What software is used to create tech packs?
A: Designers use various software to create tech packs, including Adobe Illustrator for flat sketches, Excel or Google Sheets for the BOM and size charts, and specialized software like Techpacker and Clo-3D for more integrated solutions.

Updating Tech Packs

Q: How often should a tech pack be updated?
A: A tech pack should be updated anytime there is a change in the design, materials, or construction methods. It’s crucial to maintain an up-to-date and accurate file to avoid production errors and ensure that the final product matches the designer’s vision.

Common Mistakes

Q: What are common mistakes to avoid in tech packs?
A: Common mistakes include lack of detail, incorrect measurements or specifications, and failing to update after design changes. It’s also important to avoid assuming manufacturers will fill in missing information accurately.

Sharing Tech Packs

Q: Who should receive the TP ?
A: The TP should be shared with the manufacturer, pattern maker, and any other parties involved in the production process. It’s essential for ensuring that everyone has the detailed information needed to produce the garment accurately.


Q: How can I protect the confidentiality of my tech pack?
A: To protect your document consider using non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with manufacturers and other parties who have access to it. Also, ensure secure digital storage and sharing practices.

This FAQ provides a foundational understanding of tech packs, but it’s important to tailor your files and related processes to fit the specific requirements of your designs and manufacturing partners.

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